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Achievement of Trade Convenience(Export)

Business FieldContents
・Chemical makerConsulting export tasks for South East Asia, South West Asia, Middle and Near East, EU
・Stationery makerMarketing for EU, export tasks, consulting
・Food maker ASupport for Chinese International Show, marketing survey
・Machinery makerMarketing for South East Asia
・Electronic Equipment makerPreparation for export contract to India, consulting
・Japanese sake makerExport survey, consulting

Achievement of Trade Convenience(Import)

Business FieldContents
・Parts traderExploitation of American partner and market
・Food traderExploitation of American, British, Czech and Belgian partners, purveyance, import tasks, consulting
・Medical Equipment makerConsulting to source parts from China and South East Asia
・UniversityExploitation of American partners and market
・Beverage storePurveyance from Spain, import tasks

Achievement of Trade Convenience(Others)

Business FieldContents
・Food maker BTranslation of export -related description for the US
・Chemical malerTranslation of products brochures, MSDS, and sales material
・Publication companyEnglish Language Training
・Chemical maler CEnglish Language Training