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Trade Convenience [Package Service]
Trade convenience examples of use

Please compare to employing our staff who can support English and trading tasks!

  • Case of chemical maker, A
    2 hours /day for 20days / month , 100,000 yen / month
    Description of job:Paperwork related to import of 10 t / year chemical raw material

  • Case of beverage manufacturer, B
    4 hours/day for 20days/month , 200,000 yen/month
    Description of job:Paperwork related to export of 1 or 2 containers / month
    (Arrangement of shipping, tax related procedures, paperwork, guarantee, etc…)

  • Case of craft maker, C
    Temporarily, air shipment for month (arrangement of air plane, paperwork, guarantee, etc…)
    Paperwork for 1month equal about 160 hours ( 8hours / day for 20days ) →400,000 yen / month

    How to decide the fee
    **Consulting with clients to decide the job, we conduct the service based on contract of outsourcing
    *Package price does NOT include contract preparation and translation and interpretation tasks
    *Price is based on timework rate for one staff, 2,500 / h
    *Our staff works at your company as a temporary staff for timework rate, 2,500 yen

Support Plus

  • Paperwork for shipment (invoice, packing list, etc…) 2,500 yen for a paper

  • Outsourcing fee of each type of certifications (certificate of origin, I/V certificate, signature certificate)  2,500 yen for a case
  •    *NOT including costs for acquisition of certificate and actual costs for documentary stamp

  • Service for attendance (business trip, conference, show, etc…)  3,000 yen / h~ 

  • Support service fee (service will be decided by consulting with clients)   2,600 yen / h~ 


Translation and Interpretation

  • Interpretation (half a day or 1 day)
      In the case of half a day: 60,500 yen ~    In the case of 1 day: 80,000 yen~

  • Translation (Japanese→English)   36 yen / a word~

  • Translation (English→Japanese)   11 yen/ a letter~

    *Price may change based on service
    *Estimate price for other languages


  • Internal trading practical operations seminar   30,000 yen / 2h~

  • Private English Lesson  In the case of once a week: 15,000 yen / 90 min

  • Group English Lesson  In the case of once a week: 10,000 yen / h


  • Preparation for trading task manual   *separately estimate

  • Report for marketing  *separately estimate

  • International legal work *separately estimate

  • Preparation for each contract  *separately estimate


  • Application for certificate (certificate needs documentary stamp fee) needs extra fee.
  • In the case that our staff needs to transport and stay at hotel, we ask transportation and accommodation fee.
  • In domestic business trip, if travel distance is over 50 km for one way or the trip is accompanied with accommodation, we ask 6,000 yen for a person.
  • On the departure, arrival and moving days we ask 10,000 yen for a person.

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