Corporate Identity

Our Mission

The aims of Goodies as a company are to support the existence of society.

    Through trade, to create new value for Japan and the World.

Our Value

To realize Our Mission through determination and through our sense of values.

    We are always armed with our “WISH”:

    Will – Our Determination
    Intelligence – Our Expertise
    Smile – Our Confidence
    Hospitality – Our Provision of First-Class Service

Our Way

In order to realize Our Mission, we have determined the steps that each of us should take.

  • We support Japanese companies with their own products, technology and service to expand their global business.
  • We contribute our expertise and passion to local industries by assisting international transactions of small and medium -sized companies.
  • As an ambassador of friendship, we contribute to the construction of Japanese tourism and new trading nation by exchanging people, goods and money through business.